1044892_10151788089864954_1074847261_n Welcome to By The Letter Z! My name is Zanetta and this is a new exciting adventure that I am hoping you all will love as much as I do.

As you can imagine being a child with an unusual name it was quite a challenge to find personalized items, this became to be quite upsetting and frustrating for not only myself and my mum – god love her patience.

I have always had a creative spirit and always wanted to use this to my benefit. But now instead of keeping this bottled up – I thought – why not share it.

This is where ‘By The Letter Z’ was founded! My personalised frames are a unique idea for a birth, baby shower, christening gift, anniversary, mother’s day, house warming, an engagement or just as a beautiful addition to the family home.

Each frame is custom made with your own choice of words, names, backgrounds and frame colour (black or white). You will of course be included and I will send you pictures to ensure you’re happy with the final product, before it is shipped.

Most names can be spelled out to be connected in the traditional style however if you wish to discuss before buying please contact me.


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